Seester/friend 🐙

Have you ever put a relationship 110% in the hands of God? Like fully built and guided and strengthened by Him and only Him? The kind that if He wasn’t involved, it would possibly flounder around like a fish out of water? I definitely have relationships like that. The one I want to share is the one I have with my sister-in-law aka SEESTER. (Did you pick up on that from the title?). This one is the most significant, because it is CLEAR that God is right the middle of us. Of course, I’m giving a Reader’s Digest version since this spans over a little more than 2 years. Lots of details there.

It all began back in (roughly) January or February 2015. I met Caitlyn through the church my (at the time) soon-to-be-brother-in-law was hired on for ministry. … And those two, let’s just say there was DEFINITELY a spark. I found out she was a medical assistant wanting to work in pediatrics. I was working at a pediatric office that desperately NEEDED a dependable and pleasant medical assistant. She was the fit and we instantly began an incredible friendship. Placed at the right place at the right time. She even so kindly (at the last minute) stood by me on my wedding day. I was so thankful for this friend God gave me. Soon after, her and my brother-in-law were engaged and we were planning a wedding. Now it wasn’t all beautiful. Somewhere along the way it started becoming distant. It was good then rocky then great then not even speaking. We would talk about the current struggle and everything would be fine for a week or two. Each of us blamed the other for why things were the way they were. The worst part? It wasn’t only a strain between us, but the tension was felt by others in our lives. Then, a beautiful baby was on the way. So we tried harder… even some half-hearted conversations and prayers for a better relationship. The thing is, when you don’t hand it over to God with your whole heart, and trust your faith in ANY situation… He can’t do His part. Sweet baby Olivia graced us with her presence at the end of 2016. While this was a beautiful moment, I still had frustrations because it still wasn’t the relationship God intended. She needed me and I needed her, but it just wasn’t happening. Well, a few months into this new year, things came to a head. In a HUGE way. A few days passed and we planned to talk and really commit to getting this right. I really listened, and was also 100% honest on how I was feeling. She did the same. I placed our relationship and my hopes in my prayer journal and she too prayed over us. That is when our relationship finally had a breakthrough.

Fast forward another two months (to now), our relationship is the most beautiful gift from God. The way it started, the way He planned it. Good things take time, and “every good and perfect thing comes from above.” We have continually prayed and worked to make time for one another. Most important, we listen to God. He prompts us to reach out, to make plans, to just be there for one another, to lift each other up, to encourage and pray for each other. I know, without a doubt, we are where we are ONLY because of Him. I love her like the sister God blessed me with. I am grateful for our journey, I am grateful for where we are, and I am looking forward to always sharing life with this beautiful kind-hearted human.

If you’re struggling with any relationship, hand it over to God. Not a little, but all the way. I promise He will show you what to do, and He will show you how to love one another. When it seems like all hope is lost, He is the Healer. And remember, it’s not on our time, but God’s time. Each time we tried on our own, we failed. But with Him, He has created a bond that is so precious. It takes time. Don’t rush.

From now to where it all began:


Gotta start somewhere.

I’ve had a passion stirring inside me for a couple of months now to start a blog. After praying and talking about it with my husband, I have decided to give it a go. So here goes…

I’ve always had a love for writing, and I feel people sometimes read better than they listen. Yes, I’ve been guilty of this also. The thing with a conversation is you can be cut off and shut down. With writing, you can get your thoughts together and just put it all out there. These days, negativity is looming around every corner and trying to spoil all things positive like a bad apple. There’s so much good still in the world, and my goal is to share those good things. Now not every post with be rainbows and butterflies, but it will be raw and real and inspire by God. It will ultimately show Him moving and working in my life, and possibly (with their permission to post) lives of others around me. This is the BEST kind of positivity. Even on a rainy day, you can see Him and know that He is there and YOU are loved. This rough day is building you up and making you stronger. And on those great days? Well, we give thanks for a GREAT day and a GREAT God.

Today’s moment:

There’s something peaceful (yes, in the midst of their CRAZY lunch rush) about sitting alone and enjoying lunch at Chick-fil-A. I’ve recently lessened how often I eat out, including CFA (which was a 3-4 times a week stop). I’m struggling with weight loss and I’ve been praying for God to help me. Food was step one. However, after a week of not feeling 100%, I found myself in a back, corner booth. I’ve really been stressing; between needing my wisdom teeth out, affording said procedure (and waiting for insurance to approve it FIRST), hoping my bloodwork from todays appointment is normal, and the possibility of summer school for my kiddo… I just had to STOP. I have to give it to God and let I go. So I read todays “A Little God Time for Mothers” and just reflected on the week. I had to thank God for all of the way He showed His presence in our lives. It’s so easy in the rush of life to miss the little things, and sometimes we even miss this big things.

Currently, I’ve really attempted to slow down and just take it all in. This blog will also help with that. Whether it reaches millions, hundreds, or just a few… It just takes one. Regardless, it will show what He’s doing, and what He can do. If you just listen, and invite Him in and let Him work.