A little bit goes a long way.

On Sunday, we talked a lot about encouragement. Pastor Kevin stated that encouraging is literally putting courage into someone else. It is a double gift; meaning it not only helps the person receiving, but it also helps the person giving. This message is the EXACT message I needed. You see I’ve been hitting a wall spiritually. I am sound in my faith, but I have felt like something is off. In addition to that, I have really been struggling with my anxiety and as much as I was focusing on it not being an issue, it was still a huge issue. God really spoke to me, and this week I’ve really tried to lift the focus on my anxiety and focus more on others. 

What a huge difference it has made. It is incredible how far a little act of encouragement goes. Others and myself have been happier and more positive. It’s definitely easier to listen when God speaks clearly (thank you, Lord, for that). If you feel like He is speaking to you, listen. Whatever it is. It’s not always easy, the answer we want, or in our comfort zone. I’ve said it before though, it is always worth it. His voice isn’t always clear, but He is always guiding us… and encouraging us. 

“Encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11


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