Sweet summertime. Refreshing.

If you know me, chances are you definitely know I’m not a lover of heat. Especially the humid yuck we get here in GA. However, this summer has been so sweet, and has (thankfully) not broke 90 (yet… that I’ve seen). It helps that a majority of our free time is spent poolside. Family, friends and moments that make me want to hit pause. I’m beyond grateful; God keeps showering His blessings and showing His beautiful work in our lives. 

For the month of July, I’m going to make daily posts of Gods work by the way of a photography challenge. You see, I also have a HUGE passion for photography. In life there are milestones and there are little moments. Milestones are awesome and sometimes we record them in the form of journals, baby books, scrapbooks, and/or social media posts. But those little moments, those are the things that we carry in our hearts forever. I think that’s one reason I love taking photos so much. It is a literal pause on a moment that can be visualized for a lifetime. In those photos we can see the work of God and there is so much beauty in His creations. 

Today is refreshing:

There is so much refreshing goodness in one photo. Some things aren’t even physically in the photo. And glory to God for it ALL! Watermelon Mint Lemonade. Pool time. Home sweet home. My husband and kiddo. My very best girlfriend and her honey. Lovely, sunny afternoon. Rainy, cool evening. Ah, just perfection. Thank God for sharing so much goodness with us. What’s refreshing in your life?

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul” Proverbs 27:9

Side note: Hello July… but we’re that much closer to fall/winter! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Bonus photo:


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