The Essentials.

Todays photo is the essentials:
I was thinking of the essential, day-to-day, things I use. They were all things I really could do without; my big two are my phone, and my sea-salt spray (which is incredible!). Neither are photo/blog worthy. So I began thinking what is essential that I can’t live without? This wonderful book. The Bible. How much more essential can you get? Anything we could ever need to know is in it. Gods word brings so much peace. 

I’ve always wanted and I’ve even attempted reading the Bible in its entirety. As much as I enjoy writing, I struggle sometimes with reading. I read sections or verses or daily devotionals, but I have never gotten through it all. Thankfully, I have finally found a solution that works for me. Listening to the Bible on the Bible app. I listen throughout the work day in my office and it makes so much of a difference in my day. I’ve really loved hearing the stories and actually comprehending Gods word. When you fix your eyes on the Lord, He brings an indescribable peace. I have a few things that I do (and try to do) daily to have that deep, dependent relationship with God. And when I don’t, well I suffer. So the Bible is by far my favorite essential. 

What’s essential in your life?


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