the rock + the windshield.

So they’re doing never ending roadwork on the highway. Widening a pretty good stretch of 85. They managed to ruin what we do have when they began, creating quite the headache. My sweet Lucy (my car) has constantly been pelted by rocks but thankfully they haven’t done any damage. Then yesterday happened. 

I was headed home and as soon as I got on, here comes an enormous rock. The kind that makes you duck, because it’s surely coming through the windshield. I’m fairly certain my heart skipped a beat. And it happened… that big stankin’ rock cracked my windshield. Well what am I gonna do? 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is what it is and I couldn’t check it out until I got home. (Pictures below)

And there it is. Where the rock hit is shattered and there are 4 cracks about 12″ long! (Today they’re about 24″ long EACH) 😫 Typically I would’ve been stressed and either crying or on the verge of crying. What do I do? How am I going to afford this? And so on. Instead, (without stress or tears) I called the insurance; waived deductible and covered for repairs, $500 deductible for replacement. They put me through to SafeLite and we quickly decided to was a full replacement. Using insurance it would be $500, going directly through SafeLite would also be $500. Nope. I felt that was not the answer. I then went to the wonderful world of Facebook for a recommendation. No matter what, I really felt God telling me it was ok and not to stress. Little did I know my aunts husband does repairs and replacements on older cars and his son does newer cars. Why thank you, God! I can use someone I can trust. 

I called AdVance Auto Glass this morning and spoke with the NICEST lady, Jessica. If I could talk to people like her all day, that would be lovely. I’m all set for Monday… they will come to me AND it’s only $180. God. THANK YOU AGAIN! When He told me it was ok and not to stress, He meant it per usual. I’m just glad I fully gave this situation to Him. Without hesitation. Without doubt. You see sometimes… or a lot of times when adversity knocks at the door, I tend to overthink and overreact. What a calm and peace I’ve experienced! Learning lessons. Always. So thankful for His presence in our lives. 


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